This is our comments page for the Big Island Goddess Gathering!

Graell Corsini: Founder and Co -Director Goddess Temple Ashland, Temple Raiser, Transitional Priestess, Initiator, Threshold Guide.The Medicine of Big Island has infused my entire being. It was such a beautiful grace to be invited to the holy isle for such a magickal meeting of kindred SeaStars of generosity, kindness, and loving connection. I am deeply grateful for Stefani Hinkle, who's love of life and the Sisterhood carried the event thru ceremony, workshop, beach, and feasts! Thank you Tutu Pele! Please call me home to Puna again and again!

Cherlani Grace Phillips: Divine Gathering of Divine Goddesses sharing Love for each other and da Aina... a Magical time was had by all! Can't wait for next year! Big love

Jessica Rose: Life changing! My life purpose was revealed during this very powerful and spiritual weekend. I received powerful lessons and messages of love and healing. The Devine Feminine was definitely in attendance. I'm very certain that this event was Pele and Mother Earth approved!

Krista Michelle Robison: It was such an amazing group of ladies and in such a great setting, you did well Stef & all appreciated!

Siri Devi: Amazing group of ladies, very inspiring event full of healing and sisterhood.

Dea Rackley: WoW Sweet Hot Mama Lava Flow. Tutu Pele was so proud.

Kazume: Mahalo Stefani for another amazing weekend gathering with the Goddesses. We are surely blessed with growth in our second year with a home space for future gatherings. So much has happened since the first gathering last year, all for increased presence of the Divine Feminine Rizing in Puna!! I'm so grateful for you and all your efforts to bring the goddesses together on Pele land. E Ola Mau Ka Nani o Pua Mana e Ma Lemuria!! Long live the beauty of Pua Mana and Ma Lemuria!

Juniper Premavera: What a joy & honor to participate in the return of the Divine Feminine. Big Island Goddess Gathering provides an essential bridge to wemoons ancient innate knowledge & powers. Sitting in circles, life is a circle.. all is connected...this is one way in witch the ancient balance is returned. Each on the circle is valued, as we listen & learn from each other. My calling is to Invoke, honor & learn from Goddess from the 4 corners of the Earth. We can learn from them all, they have much to show us . They come when we call & invite them to Guide our Ways. BIGG provides a fun-filled, creative & spiritual time for siStars to bond while connecting deeply to themselves & their visions☆ Like sacred spider womoon & the Fates we weave our selves & our world from within, from our deepest hearts desires☆ Let us live the Sacred Feminine Principals of shared powher, abundance thru sharing, care for earth & creating a sustainable world for future generations.

Amy Lohr: The Goddess Gathering was such an enjoyable and heart-opening experience. The workshops offered a unique blend of Hawai'ian, spiritual and female energy. The activities and ceremonies we participated in reconnected me with the female experience and showed me how similar we all are. Stefani, you were a wonderful host--always making sure that every need and desire of your guests and volunteers was met. The space was beautiful and the food was delicious and so healthy. Thank you for a great weekend!