Workshop Descriptions March 20-22, 2020

Keynote Speaker Suzanne Mathis McQueen!

In Honor of Pele's life changing transformations on the land here in Puna, we are also changing the design of the event this year. 2020 is Pele's wake-up call! We are having 3 deeply, intensive, transformational workshops this year instead of multiple shorter workshops as we have done in the past. Mahalo for your support.

Workshop Descriptions for 5th Annual BIG ISLAND GODDESS GATHERING!

Workshop 1: Friday afternoon ~ 3 Hours
Title: PELE'S WOMB with Stefani "Flutterby" and Kazume Maluhia Martin

We will travel to a SACRED Lava Tube where we will embark on a journey into Pele's Womb. At the center of the lava tube there is an altar. You may bring personal sacred items. It is important to wear good shoes, no slippas K? Got it? Also you need to bring a bright flashlight with good batteries. A hat of ANY kind is gonna be required for this adventure too. It is completely dark in there though there is plenty of good, fresh air flow. Some people may need to be aware it is totally dark in the lava tube. It is a large cave with nothing dangerous living in there. We will walk approximately 10-15 minutes to the center and another 10-15 minutes to the exit. Not recommended for nervous or anxious energies to do this workshop. I have been many times into this lava tube, it is safe and exhilirating to do something new. I was abSOULutely terrified my first time into a lava tube. We are going to enter in silence, contemplating that which no longer serves us or the greater good of all and release those energies from ourselves. Once we arrive at the center of Pele's Womb, we will pray, make a joyful noise, sing and establish gratitude. That which needs healing, shed or left behind will no longer be a part of us. Once we exit the lava tube, we are now serving our new Goddess energy which we will be reborn with from Pele's Womb.
Bio: Stefani "Flutterby" RM is the founding mother of the Montana Goddess Gathering, Big Island Goddess Gathering and the Big Island Goddess Temple. She is a vocalist for the local Puna band Peace Tribe, who will be performing Saturday night. She is also an herbalist, Young Living distributor, Nikken representative, Aloha tour guidess and valued Puamana Community member.

Workshop 2: Friday evening ~ 90 minutes
Title: FOUR BASKETS (Native American Wisdom) HEALING THE WOMB JOURNEY with Kazume Maluhia Martin and Andrea Gonzalez

This process takes you back to the time of your conception and birth into this lifetime. Four Baskets are the primary foundation for our lives. Everything experienced during the conception, gestation, birth and the first six hours after birth become the foundation for how we experience the rest of our life. Unresolved energy (confusion, trauma, shock) in our Four Baskets can obscure access to our authentic being. These teachings and processes have been adapted and integrated from various pathways to help resolve and repattern prenatal and birth trauma.
Bio: Andrea Gonzalez moved to Hawaii with her family five years ago to achieve a self-sustainable off-grid lifestyle. During this process she became pregnant with her three children and through a series of serendipitous events met Catherine Lightfoot, a traditional midwife who introduced her to the Four Baskets. Andrea received the teaching while pregnant and experienced the deep-rooted influence and importance of the womb journey. Understnding the agnitude of this, Catherine worked with Andrea so that she too could help others heal and empty their baskets by iding them to "drop the luggage" we may have carried since our Womb Journey began. Please visit for more information and to be notified about the upcoming book release.
Bio: Kazume Maluhia Martin is a spiritual seeker and healer working through the mediums of music, art, dance and ancient Goddess traditions. She has taught hula and is forming the first Lemuria Goddess temple in Hawai'i.

Workshop 3: Saturday ~ 5 Hours with 2 hour lunch break
Based on science, sacred geometry, symbolism, and feminism, Suzanne will take us on a pilgrimage through the hormonal sequence, a remarkable and supportive navigational system within each female. By organizing the cycle month into four distinct phases, we will more fully awaken and remember the Lost Language of the Feminine, an empowering self-care and awareness practice for optimized health, business, relationships, and sexuality. What you’ll learn:
An entirely different (and empowering) way to understand your hormonal body rhythm.
How to stop the negative narrative that says your cycle month is confusing, inconsistent, unpredictable, and annoying.
How to be comfortable and confident about your ever-changing sex-drive—sometimes wanting to be “all over” your partner and other days wanting to be left alone.
Why it is crucial for your happiness and future generations of girls to learn a new body language now!
Why, other than the science, almost everything you learned about YOU because of your hormones is not truth.
How the language of mood swings, feeling crazy, and PMS are destructive spins that keep women down.
Why "loving the power of your womb" is the best thing you can do for your sovereignty & political freedom.
How to access the Lost Language of the powerful Feminine buried deep within your design.
How to love yourself as a woman without feeling challenged by your hormones.
How to recognize obstacles throughout the month and what tools to use for maintaining balance.
How ALL women, cycling or not, can track their rhythm and tap into the power of their Feminine.
How aligning with your monthly rhythm will help you find courage, direction, and peace...and lots, lots more.
YOU are a Wisdom Keeper of the Lost Language of the Divine Feminine Goddess...YOU are the Carrier of a Sacred Treasure. SHE needs YOU to bring forth your medicine. It’s time to wake-up your ancient knowing and this Goddess-of-Rhythm within. Align with HER now! Join us for this potent day of Sisterhood and the reclaiming of what is yours. Goddess guide us!
Bio: Suzanne Mathis McQueen is a womb wisdom educator, keeper of women’s mysteries and a carrier of a sacred stone medicine bowl.
The author of "4 seasons in 4 weeks" an empowering four-phase template including a daily practice for quicky aligning with the female hormones and rhythmic sex drive, her book 4s4w is resonating with women and men globally. She is a regular guest on telesummits and podcasts, she facilitates workshops, talking circles, and online courses. Born on O’ahu and raised in California, she now lives in Southern Oregon. Suzanne is applying primal hormonal wisdom to the modern female's journey. "You don't have mood swings, you're lunar rhythmic." Suzanne Mathis McQueen has been sharing this crucial lesson with wombin around the globe for many years.
It is truly an Honor to bring her to Big Island and share this life changing information with all of you. Check out her personal website here: 4s4w

Opening and Closing Circles with Kazume Maluhia Martin

We Honor You and Empower You to Be Who You Are!

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